Rubber Crumb Play Areas

Bespoke Resin Rubber crumb surfaces are the perfect surface for schools, Play areas whether it may be commercial or public. So if you have a commercial play area open to the public for example a pubs, restaurants or play centres and even day nurseries. The rubber crumb is a rubber based product, this will minimise any risk of fall injury by any child from height.

The rubber crumb surfaces are the safest surface on the market, these can also be used in all weather, this is very durable and vandal resistant. This is the number 1 product to have where children have the chance of falling from height. 


We have a wide range of colours with the resin crumb product, this will allow you to be very creative with what colours and design you wish to have. We can give you the options of different patterns, split up you rubber crumb areas. We can also give you the option of lettering, numbers, shapes and even logos making it extra special and unique to you.



The Benefits of Rubber Crumb

•    Very safe reducing injury’s
•    Fast draining from surface water
•    Can be used in all weather
•    Very durable 
•    Great range of colours and patterns 
•    Vandal resistant 
•    Durable and very resistible to cracking from extreme heat and cold weather 


Rubber Crumb base build up 

When you think about having a rubber crumb base for you play area take into account the layers of base. The base and build up is a key part in making sure that your rubber crumb base will last and give you the correct fall to height ratio.

This is only a guide giving you an example of what is need for your rubber crumb area. The rubber crumb base will change if the fall height increases or decreases.


Critical Fall Height (C.F.H)

The rubber crumb base is needed to be at a certain level of thickness where there is a chance of falling from height, Playground operators must use the correct method and surface to reduce the critical fall height. 
This means you must measure from the highest fall point to the ground level must be measure to ensure that we give you the right and appropriate rubber crumb base. 
Below is a chart giving you a guideline of what depth is expected.


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