Bespoke Resins Warranty And Guarantee

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Our guarantee certificate is submitted in direct response to the guarantee presented by Bespoke Resin from the contracted parties detailed on the certificate and it will become immediately and permanently invalid if it is found that either party knowingly provided false or inaccurate information throughout the process.


Bespoke Resin  hereby warrants, that in the event of the failure of Bespoke Resin’s products used in the construction of a domestic driveway or Resin Bound Stone surface at the address detailed on the certificate, replacement products will be supplied free of charge for a period of 10 years commencing from the installation date. Additionally, the labour costs incurred during the replacement of these faulty materials,  labour costs arising from the rectification of faulty workmanship, will be chargeable   commencing from the installation date. This guarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions.

  1. The guarantee is applicable only on installations where Bespoke Resin has used products which they have supplied themselves.
  2. The guarantee will take effect only when the project has been satisfactorily completed and this is defined as; a) all works have been completed by the contractor; b) the customer has made full payment of the installed value to the contractor; c) the customer has signed the Bespoke Resin certificate.
  3. The guarantee covers the installation of the Bespoke Resin supplied products only and does not extend to cover fees paid for garden design, soft landscaping, alternative products, or any additional or supplementary constructions provided by external companies, or personally.
  4. The guarantee covers the installation for reasonable domestic use and does not extend to cover damage or deterioration caused by, or resulting from; accident, misuse, heavy goods vehicles, natural weathering, lack of maintenance, (including re-pointing after two years from date of installation), impact damage, commercial use, or staining caused by any substance whatsoever.
  5. The guarantee can only cover works when the entire sub-base build up has been provided by Bespoke Resin. In cases of overlaying, the Guarantee is reduced to 3 years.
  6. The guarantee does not cover any form of damage, accidental or otherwise, caused to person or property prior to, during or after the construction.
  7. Movement, expansion or contraction of sub-soil or sub-base due to, (but not limited to), climatic changes, tree root activity, underground drains, mine-workings, earthquake and changes to the local water table are outside the control of the contractor, therefore the guarantee does not cover damage caused by these or related factors.
  8. Any claim arising that may be directly due either to; a) the application of any form of none Bespoke Resin branded sealant or, b) any part of the finished pavement being less than 150 mm below the damp proof course of any adjacent wall, will not be covered by the Bespoke Resin guarantee.
  9. In the event of a claim, every reasonable effort will be made to ensure that remedial work is completed in a colour, pattern and finish as specified in the original contract. However, due to product evolution and the natural weathering of the existing installation, no assurance can be given that an exact match would be possible.
  10. For the avoidance of doubt, this guarantee covers the subsidence of the paved area provided such settlement is in excess of 10 mm under a 3 m straight edge, and 2 mm between adjacent units, as defined in Table B3, Surface Regulations, BS 7533, Part 3,1997.
  11. All concrete or clay products may, usually in their early life, appear to lose some intensity of colour and experience a white stain on the product face. This is the temporary natural phenomenon of efflorescence which is in no way detrimental to the performance of the product. No responsibility can therefore be accepted by Bespoke Resin or the contractor in the unlikely event of its occurrence.
  12. If rectification work becomes necessary, the contractor will make all reasonable efforts to complete the work as soon as possible and the customer will permit him access to the site to fulfil his contractual obligations.
  13. For the avoidance of doubt this guarantee is only applicable to the contracted parties named on the guarantee certificate. It is not transferable should the customer vacate the address where the project has been undertaken.
  14. Any claim arising relating to the failure to obtain planning permission for the project will not be covered by this guarantee.
  15. The total liability in respect of all or any claims covered by this guarantee shall be limited to the installed value increased in line with the housing cost index but limited to a maximum of 3% per anum compound.
  16. For any cover ups over existing tarmac or concrete drives where defects occur, or noticeable change in level, we cannot cover and will not cover due to the height/ level difference in the drive as we Only quote for a 15-18 mm cover. it is virtually impossible to get a perfect level drive as we are following the existing driveway.
  17. In the event of a defect arising which may be covered by this guarantee, full written details should be submitted to the contractor at the address shown overleaf within 14 days of discovery of said defect. If a response is not forthcoming within 28 days of writing, representations should be made in writing to;

Any delay of reporting a potential defect may affect your claim and the liability of either Bespoke Resin or the contractor.

  1. Our guarantee is offered as an additional benefit by Bespoke Resin and does not affect any party’s statutory rights.
  2. Bespoke Resin will ONLY pay for any materials needed for the claim, all labour costs will be chargeable in any event of a claim.
  3. To get a full 10 years warranty you must have had a full installation by Bespoke Resin, if you have not and it is a cover of an existing driveway or foundations then you will be covered with a 3 years warranty.
  4.  If you have have had a cover by bespoke resin and your previous driveway foundation fails causing issues with the resin bound material cover this will not be covered and will be chargeable to rectify, as we can not cover any work done that as not been done by Bespoke Resin.



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Bespoke Resins Warranty And Guarantee