Bespoke Resin, Cscs, Cpcs And Swqr Accredited

Posted By: Bespoke Resin | Posted Date: Wednesday, February 5, 2020

 Bespoke Resin's Accreditation's 


Bespoke Resin takes health and safety very seriously and believe that in all aspects of any job you should be fully trained in the task or role you are taking on.


This is why here at Bespoke Resin have all the correct documentation with everything we do, we are always taking on more courses and accreditation's to give us an even better knowledge of other aspects of work. We believe that knowledge is power and there is never enough that one person or company can know, this is why we are always taking on new courses and accreditation's.


For us as a business to have all these accreditation's and certifications give our customers the understanding and the peace of mind they are using only the right people for the job.



Our team is fully certified to under take all work as we require CSCS certified which makes sure we understand the basics of construction and site safety.


This certification is to make sure that the person or persons driving any type of machinery is trained and qualified to do so, some of our team members are certified to operate machinery above and below 10 ton. we make sure that they hold these certifications before we allow them on any type of machinery.

SWQR (street works)

this certification is important when involving any and all types of excavation, working in the public and on site. With this ticket we have so many different areas they need to understand with a lot of different types of works they will under take.

Key certificates 

LA.... Locations and avoidance of underground apparatus 

O1.... Signing, lighting and guarding 

O2.... Excavation in the highways 

O3..... Reinstating and and compaction of back fill materials 

O4..... Reinstatement of sub-base in non-bituminous materials  

O5..... Reinstatement in cold lay bituminous materials 

O6..... Reinstatement of hot lay bituminous materials 

O8..... Reinstatement of modular surfaces and concrete foot ways


If any company you are hiring to do a job i would sit back and think if these company's can't provide you with the right certifications or accreditation's then are they even qualified to do the job. we are a business that will go above and beyond to make sure we have the right training and qualification's for any jobs we undertake, if they cant be bothered to be trained how do you expect the company to be bothered to do a good and correct job that they are being paid to do.


Always use a business or company that is trained to undertake any work that you require.

Bespoke Resin, Cscs, Cpcs And Swqr Accredited